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Protecting Lives

When the occupants feel safe, they can concentrate on being creative, productive and successful.


Protecting Assets


Protecting Business Continuity

High-value and mission critical assets need special protection. Irreplaceable cultural artefacts, medical facilities, power and energy storage equipment, and data centers often have very specific needs.

A fire protection system should not be a nuicance when there is no fire. At the same time it needs to react as quickly and reliably as possible should a fire incident occur. Our fire protection systems ensure that you can run your business without interruptions.

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  • Fire Alarm Design

  • Installation

  • Monitoring

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance

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Solutions for the lifecycle of your facility.  Incorporating the smartest building technology because protection matters. With fire and life safety solutions customized for your business needs and budget, you can turn to Siemens for our complete portfolio of innovative, intelligent technologies for the lifecycle of every building.

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  • Extinguisher Sales

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance

Innovative technology that gives you a cutting edge

Businesses and buildings are becoming more and more complex and thus require increasingly sophisticated approaches to fire safety. You can rely on our innovative portfolio to always be up to date with the latest technological developments. We guarantee the best possible protection that leverages all potentials- now and in the future.


Focus on Digitalization: Unlock your business potential with smart buildings

The digital enterprise is already a reality, and companies are pursuing its benefits and opportunities through the digital transformation, which requires seamless integration of data along the value chain. Turning this data into value is a critical success factor. While it’s true that buildings today should be efficient, reliable and safe – these elements alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.


Smart buildings are unlocking the potential by taking a more people-centric approach. Sensors in buildings and energy systems share their data with us and, combined with a digital twin of the building and using applications, can be analyzed to optimize building operation. This results in customers’ advantages such as higher energy and equipment efficiency, better space utilization as well as enhanced user efficiency, comfort and safety.


With our unique mix of people, technology and services, complimented with recent acquisitions we provide a solid foundation to enhance your building performance with the power of data – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals.

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